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[Redo] Big Scandal for @Nadia_EXOGanger

redo_big scandal_request by nadia

Hallo dear πŸ˜‰ redomu udah beres πŸ˜€ maaf kalo makin ancur T^T hope u like it πŸ™‚Β 

Most important, jangan lupa sertakan kredit ^^

Kredit :Β HyeKim Art (



A tinkerbell who dream to be Luhan's future wendy β€” Also an amature author, k-drama trash, k-running man freak, eternal ELF, ahjussi and korean actor addict in the same time β€” Adorable since 2001

2 thoughts on “[Redo] Big Scandal for @Nadia_EXOGanger

  1. haiiii, makasih yah udah mau dibikin redo πŸ˜€

    nggak kok nggak makin ancur, sama bagusnya kaya kemarin ❀
    makasih banget yah udah mau bikinin aku poster hehe, bakal aku pakai posternya plus kreditnya pasti dicantumin πŸ˜€ Gomawo :*

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