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Playlist Fanfic : Don’t Forget Me #1 – HyeKim’s Project

Kingdom of Suzy's Fanfiction

playlistfanfic_don't forget me

Playlist Fanfic : Don’t Forget Me #1

A Playlist Fanfiction Written By :


Feat Miss A Bae Suzy – Infinite L Kim

Genre : Romance, Sad, Hurt, a bit Family || Length : Ficlet|| Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : This is just work of fiction, the cast(s) are belong to their parents, angency, and God. The same of plot, character, location are just accidentally. This is not meaning for aggravate one of character. I just owner of the plot. If you don’t like it, don’t read/bash. Read this fiction, leave your comment/like. Don’t be plagiat and copy-paste without permission

Note : This is the one of playlist fanfiction project Suzy with the boys. If you prefer to request some song you can go here

Don’t forget me, me, me. Love me, me, me. Farewell only comes once but why does longing come a…

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❝The writer is the engineer of the human soul.❞ — Joseph Stalin ¦¦ Literally a korean trash, Luhan's tinkerbell, and Shownu's baby — ©2001

2 thoughts on “Playlist Fanfic : Don’t Forget Me #1 – HyeKim’s Project

  1. Terkejut asli..aku fikir mereka ga bisa bersama gara-gara cintanya suzy bertepuk sebelah tangan,ternyata karena ayah ama ibunya yang kakampret kawin toh…and then sad ending ~huft ditunggu next ptojectnya


    1. Ahaha emang suzy udh love one side dan juga alasannya karena ortu mereka kawin. Ditambah Myungsoo cuman anggep sebatas adik. Ya gitulah. Complicated

      Makasih ya udah mau baca>_< dan tunggu aja fic yg lainnya heheh XD

      Oh ya kalo kamu ada lagu rekomendasi yg cocok buat FF dan mau dibuatin castnya ke pairing suzy yg kamu suka bisa ke link yg tertera diatas ya kalo mau request eheh 😁


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