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Hallucinations [Ficlet] – Story by HyeKim

♥ History Simba Deer ♥



 A fanfiction Witten by HyeKim ©2016

Starring With : Yoona Girls’ Generation & Siwon Super Junior ╕

Genre : Surrealism, slight!Sad, Friendship, Slice of Life ||  Lenght : Ficlet || Rating : General ╕


This is just work of fiction, the cast(s) are belong to their parents, agency, and God. The same of plot, character, location are just accidentally. This is not meaning for aggravate one of character. I just owner of the plot. If you don’t like it, don’t read/bash. Read this fiction, leave your comment/like. Don’t be plagiat and copy-paste without permission.

Sometimes people need hallucination to make you feel better


║ ♫ ║ ♪ ║ ♫ ║ ♪ ║

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❝Because reality is not beautiful like a fiction, but reality can be wonderful more than the fiction.❞ — Luhan's tinkerbell & Shownu's bebe || ©2001

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