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[LAY BIRTHDAY PROJECT] How Can You Forget It – HyeKim

EXO FanFiction Indonesia


How Can You Forget It?

A fanfiction Written by HyeKim ©2016

Starring With: EXO’s Lay as Zhang Yixing & OC’s Meilan as Hwang Meilan

Genre : Comedy || Rating : General|| Lenght : Ficlet


This is just work of fiction, the cast(s) are belong to their parents, agency, and God. The same of plot, character, location are just accidentally. This is not meaning for aggravate one of character. I just owner of the plot. If you don’t like it, don’t read/bash. Read this fiction, leave your comment/like. Don’t be plagiat and copy-paste without premission.

“Yixing, bagaimana kamu bisa lupa?”


║ ♫ ║ ♪ ║ ♫ ║ ♪ ║

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