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[Oneshot] Christmas With Hyerim -by l18hee

New year gift from partner double date. Thankyou Runahhh ~~~

EXO FanFiction Indonesia


-Christmas With Hyerim-

Xi Luhan and Kim Hyerim (HyeKim’s OC)

Oneshot (aslinya vignette wkwk) / AU / slight!Action / lil!Fantasy / lil!Fluff / Romance / Teen

.by l18hee

for Pekan OC 2017, for Elsa si partner double date SeNa, for you /eyak/ /lempar meja/


Poster super bagusnya dari kak IRISH, tengkyuh :*



Biar kuberitahu satu hal hebat. Malam Natal kali ini, akan ada hujan uang yang lebat.


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