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Forever Be Mine

Happy sweet sixteen in beautiful sixteenth ๐ŸŒธ happy birthday for me also my beloved OC, Kim Hyerim โค (3) Thanks a lot Kak Hase โค


A Special Present for @elsasndra 16th Birthday

by HasekuraLee00 ยฉ2017


Xi Luhan & OCโ€™s Kim HyeRim as the main cast || Friendship, Romance, Psycho, Sad || Rated on PG-17 || Vignettee (2000+words)

Sorry for typo(s) and happy reading~


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โThe writer is the engineer of the human soul.โž โ€” Joseph Stalin ยฆยฆ Literally a korean trash, Luhan's tinkerbell, and Shownu's baby โ€” ยฉ2001

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