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[Vignette] Silently Propose – by Gxchoxpie

Happy sweet sixteen in beautiful sixteenth 🌸 happy birthday for me also my beloved OC, Kim Hyerim ❤ (4) Thanks a lot Kak Gecee ❤

EXO FanFiction Indonesia




Fluff, Romance, Slice-of-life || Vignette || PG-13


EXO’s Luhan, HyeKim‘s OC Kim Hyerim


Namun, satu hal yang pasti, Luhan punya cinta yang lebih dari cukup untuk Kim Hyerim. Luhan mencintai gadis itu apa adanya, dan siap menempuh hidup bersama dengannya.

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❝Because reality is not beautiful like a fiction, but reality can be wonderful more than the fiction.❞ — Luhan's tinkerbell & Shownu's bebe || ©2001

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