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Happy birthday Luhan and Thankcuuu Kak Irish❣ P.S : Ketika Hyerim digantiin Elsa (2)

EXO FanFiction Indonesia

|   Still Hurt   |

|   Lu Han  x  Elsa   |

|  Angst x Melodrama x Sci-Fi x Riddle  |

|   Vignette   |   Teenagers   |

Disclaim: this is a work of fiction. I don’t own the cast. Every real ones belong to their real life and every fake ones belong to their fake appearance. Any similarity incidents, location, identification, name, character, or history of any person, product, or entity potrayed herein are fictious, coincidental, and unintentional. Any unauthorized duplication and/or distribution of this art and/or story without permission are totally restricted.

2017 © IRISH Art & Story all rights reserved

“Tidak bisakah aku memilih, untuk membiarkannya hidup meski itu artinya kita berdua tidak akan ada di dunia ini?”

Dedicated for: Lu Han,nope, ini buat Elsa deng :”D

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██║ ♫ ♪ │█║♪ ♫ ║▌♫ ♪ │█║♪ ♫ ║▌♫ ♪ ║██


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❝The writer is the engineer of the human soul.❞ — Joseph Stalin ¦¦ Literally a korean trash, Luhan's tinkerbell, and Shownu's baby — ©2001

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