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[Vignette-Series] The Wonderful “EDISI : Tugas Kelompok Matematika” — HyeKim

Ter-unfaedah series

EXO FanFiction Indonesia


The Wonderful

EDISI : Tugas Kelompok Matematika

OC`s Kim Hyerim, OC`s Ace Wu, Kim Jongin as the main cast

Lu Han, Kris Wu, Park Chanyeol, OC`s Kim Haneul as special appearance

Story with School life, Comedy, Fluff, Friendship Slice of Life  rated by G  type in Vignette-Series.

’Kim Jongin, Kim Hyerim, Ace Wu merupakan tiga anak baru gede bin labil, yang punya geng bernamakan The Wonderful. Ketiganya anak SMA yang menetap di asrama—singkatnya boarding school. Series ini hanya seputaran kisah tak berfaedah ketiganya. Dari Jongin yang putus-nyambung sama Haneul, pacarnya. Hyerim yang kakak-adek zone sama Luhan, salah satu Kakak OSIS. Ace yang diem-diem pacaran sama Chanyeol, saingan kakak sulungnya. Seputaran asam-manis anak remaja`

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. Any similarity of plot, character, location are just accidentally. Some of this story is slice of my life with my squads. This contain is not…

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A tinkerbell who dream to be Luhan's future wendy — Also an amature author, k-drama trash, k-running man freak, eternal ELF, ahjussi and korean actor addict in the same time — Adorable since 2001

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