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Melancholy Series : #1 — HyeKim

EXO FanFiction Indonesia

Melancholy Series : #1

Lu Han & OC`s Kim Hyerim

Story with Slice of Life, Melodrama, Marriage Life rated by PG-17 type in Ficlet

Disclaim: This is a work of fiction. Every real ones belong to their real life and every fake ones belong to their fake appearance. Any similarity of plot, character, location are just accidentally. All cast belong to God, their parents, and their agency. But the storyline is mine.Plagiarism, copy-paste without permission, and be a silent readers are prohibited.

`Melancholy Series hanya berisikan kisah-kisah berunsur melodrama yang dipetik oleh saya dari kisah nyata yang ada. Kata siapa, cinta dan hidup pernikahan itu selalu manis? Hidup kita bukan layaknya di negri dongeng. Ada pahit yang mendominasi cerita kehidupan kita yang realitis dibandingkan kehidupan cerita cinta fiktif manis yang penuh kebohongan`

© 2017 Storyline by HyeKim

Perlu diingat,


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❝Because reality is not beautiful like a fiction, but reality can be wonderful more than the fiction.❞ — Luhan's tinkerbell & Shownu's bebe || ©2001

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